Things have been quiet on the Flash and AIR front of late but thankfully there’s news of some exciting new features that are on the horizon. Here’s a list of the ones that I’m particularly excited about:

  • Improved iOS compile times
  • Reduced iOS file sizes
  • Mobile Workers
  • Integrated Physics
  • iOS7 Support
  • GameInput Support on iOS7

It’s really great to see that there’s effort going on to reduce the compile times, which at the moment are still way too long. It’s actually quite painful trying to compile and test for iOS at the moment, so hopefully we’ll see some significant improvements here. Work on reducing the file sizes on iOS is apparently still being proved out, so there’s still a possibility that that specific work won’t see the light of day. Fingers crossed though. Mobile Workers is also something that AIR devs have been desperate to see on mobile.

Perhaps the biggest surprise is the talk of adding integrated physics into the runtime. Personally I think this could be a really exciting feature and it’ll be interesting to see what the performance is like and also whether or not we see some of these physics features make it into the Flash Professional IDE too.

There are no definite release dates for any of these features yet but if you’d like to know more then watch this webcast featuring Bill Howard and Renaun Erickson from Adobe who were on hand to cover the Flash Runtime roadmap and also cover the latest features in Adobe Scout CC.

Also, Flash Professional CC was officially released yesterday. Go check it out.