I’ve come across quite a number of Adobe AIR games over the last few months so thought it was about time I did another round-up. There’s actually too many AIR games out there these days, particularly on mobile, so unfortunately I can’t cover them all. However here’s five that caught my eye for one reason or another. There are a few more I’ll cover in a future post but if you’re an ActionScript 3 programmer and you use frameworks like Starling and Away3D then the following games should let you see what others in the community are capable of.

Groove Racer

I downloaded Groove Racer almost a year ago and didn’t realise it was written in Adobe AIR! It’s a gorgeous little racing game that recreates the thrills and spills of Scalextric tracks right on your iPhone. Controls are simply a case of holding your finger on the screen to force your car to accelerate. If you want to beat your opponent however then you’ll need to carefully judge your speed coming into the bends. With 10 unique cars across 66 imaginative tracks there’s plenty to keep you entertained for some time. Download Groove Racer for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad from the App Store.

The Banner Saga

The Banner Saga is a truly epic tactical role-playing game inspired by Viking legend. It’s also a game of choice, where a poorly judged decision can see your caravan suffer or even seal the fate of individuals you’ve grown fond of. When you’re not spending time managing, you’ll be engaged in the game’s grid-based combat desperately trying to win victory in order to push on for another day. It’s a stirring game that gnaws at your emotions, taking you on an epic journey through beautifully crafted hand-painted landscapes. The Banner Saga is available for Windows and Mac. Also, if you want to know more then take a read of both Eurogamer’s and IGN’s reviews, which do the game much more justice than my brief description ever can.


Here’s another beautiful 2D platform/puzzle game written in AIR. Guide Hilomi, the game’s heroine, through each level taking photographs of the unusual wildlife that inhabits her world. Hilomi needs help traversing each level’s environment and that’s where you come in. You can deform the terrain with your fingertips: moving earth, creating bridges, digging tunnels, and commanding water and fire, all in a bid to get Hilomi to each of the animals she wants to add to her photo collection. While the initial dozen or so levels are pretty easy, the game’s difficulty soon ramps up making it a great distraction for anyone who likes puzzle games, like my girlfriend who’s sitting next to me desperately trying to figure out how to get onto the next level. Hilomi is available for iOS from iTunes and Android via Google Play.

Zombie 300

Zombies have invaded your mobile screen! Use your fingers to crush them and save the humans. It’s more or less that simple in this delightful little game for iOS and Android. Of course other things have been added to the mix to provide more depth including: power-ups, a collectible currency system, and innocent bystanders. During the heat of the action it’s quite easy to confuse bystanders with the zombies, which quite often results in humans getting accidentally crushed into the ground. Given the fact that all the humans in the game are represented by schoolchildren it’s all the more heartbreaking when you crush one. My little nephew loves this game, and the distraught expression on his face when he accidentally crushes a boy or girl is priceless. Zombie 300 is available on iTunes, Google Play, and the Amazon App Store.


I think CUBD can best be described as a brain-bending 3D puzzle game that’s inspired heavily by the Rubik’s Cube and match-three games. With a simple flick of your finger you can turn and twist your cube in an attempt to match three squares of the same colour. You’ll need to be quick though as you’re up against the clock, and the only way to gain more time is by finding more and more matching colours. It’s both challenging and addictive and things start to really heat up when you’re running low on time. If you’re a fan of puzzle games then you’ll certainly find yourself coming back to CUBD time and time again. It’s available for iOS on the App Store and Android through Google Play.