It’s time to take a look at some more great games built with Adobe AIR. If you’re using the Flash platform, or any other development platform for that matter, to build your own games then hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here. If you’re just looking for a few games to play then I don’t think you’ll be disappointed either.

Haunt the House: Terrortown

Powered by Adobe AIR and the Starling framework, Haunt the House: Terrortown is another stunning example of what can be created with the Flash platform. It can best be thought of as a side-scrolling action puzzle game starring a ghost, where the objective is to possess objects in order to scare the hell out of people. In fact, if you’re really good at it you can scare some of your poor victims to death!

The game takes place over five vibrant locations, each with its own musical style and unique objects. In fact, each location has hundreds of different objects for you to possess, with several funny outcomes from moving and interacting with each. Get the timing right and you’ll have town folk running for cover, or darting towards the nearest exit. Haunt the House has some splendid animation and a great sense of humour.

It’s available on Steam for both Windows and Mac.

Infectonator: Hot Chase

Zombie are great. Endless runners are great too. So I’m delighted that Armor Games had the good sense to combine both to make Infectonator: an awesome zombie game where you rampage through a city infecting as many unfortunate victims as possible.

Unlike the traditional slow shambling zombies we’re used to, Infectonator’s zombie protagonist runs after his prey. Unfortunately he burns out quickly and needs fresh victims to replenish his stamina and boost his speed. Fail to infect enough people and you’ll grind to a halt. With coins to collect, power-ups to earn, and high-scores to bag, there’s more than enough to keep you coming back for some time.

Infectonator: Hot Chase is available for iOS on the App Store and Android via Google Play. And of course, being built using the Flash platform, you can also play it on the web too!

Mucho Party

I really like Mucho Party. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, offering up 30 fun mini-games for you to compete against friends or AI players. Each game is wacky, simple to play, and has a sense of humour that will keep players smiling as they compete and attempt to unlock new games.

While each game is straightforward and only takes seconds to play, Mucho Party will adjust its difficulty based on your own skills. So players of a wide range of ages and abilities can take part. Basically it makes itself as accessible to as wide a range of people as possible, which is exactly what an app of this type should. Great stuff!

Mucho Party is available on the App Store and Google Play.

CSI: Hidden Crimes

It’s great to see large games companies such as Ubisoft using Adobe AIR. It’s even better seeing them use it to build games based on big name TV shows such as CSI. At its heart, CSI: Hidden Crimes is a simple find-the-object game. You use your observation skills to hunt for evidence at crime scenes. Analysing the collected evidence leads you to new crime scenes and suspects. As you continue investigating leads you’ll start to build up a profile of the murderer, allowing you to ultimately solve the case.

CSI: Hidden Crimes is an extremely slick game that has a great visual style that captures the mood of the TV series without being too gory given the game’s subject matter. It’s easy to get in to and doesn’t demand too much of your time in any one sitting, which makes it ideal for casual gamers. CSI: Hidden Crimes is available from the App Store for those with iOS devices and Google Play for Android owners.


Note: Just found out that NANACA†CRASH!! isn’t actually an AIR app. Check out developer Kick Lensing’s comment at the bottom of the post.

It started life as a crazy Japanese anime web game and now NANACA†CRASH!! has made it onto mobile. It’s hard to actually put into words just how bonkers NANACA†CRASH!! actually is, but I’ll try. Basically the game begins with your character being sent flying into the air after being hit by a bike. You then spend your remaining time trying to see just how far you can keep him flying through the air.

It seems simple, but NANACA†CRASH!! has a surprising amount of depth and before long you’ll be uncovering tricks and moves that will keep your character soaring through the air. On my first attempt I only managed a distance of 50 metres. However, before long I was covering distances of several kilometres at a time. Cool!

NANACA†CRASH!! is available on the App Store and Google Play.

  1. Nice article, but Nanaca Crash unfortunately isn’t an AIR app. My version was, but I had to remove it due to copyright-crap. A few weeks later this version appeared.

    I used my own as3-NanacaCrash-engine to power ‘Brazil Bounce’ though:

    Now THAT’S an AIR-app 😉

  2. Hi!, this game was developed using only adobe air , its an ipad game, maybe you want to check it out , thanks

  3. Thanks Jaime, I’ll take a look.

    Christopher (Author)
  4. Loving Haunt the House, reminds me of Haunting starring Polterguy on the Sega Megadrive 😀

    My own app is now FREE on Google Play 🙂 I used Flash CS6 with the AIR packager which made it soooo much easier (for a non-programmer like me!). Let me know what you think:

  5. Thanks for the link Johnathan. Mole Warfare looks great!

    Christopher (Author)