Careers Hub Interactive

I just thought I’d show off an Adobe AIR project that I worked on recently. The Careers IT Seat Interactive is an iPad application that was developed as part of the Glasgow Science Centre’s Careers Hub exhibit. It consists of a series of games and quiz style questions designed to challenge and entertain visitors as […]

Launch Image Bug on Landscape iPad Apps

I had a conversation with interactive designer Chris Gannon the other day regarding a screen flicker he’d noticed when his iPad app was transitioning from its launch image to the first frame of its SWF. Of course the transition between the two should actually be seamless but Chris had noticed that an intermediate black screen […]

AIR for iOS Optimizations

I thought I’d follow-up my original post about Doppelgänger, and take some time to detail its implementation from a rendering perspective. There’s a lot that can be done to ensure your AIR for iOS apps hit their target frame rate, but these optimizations aren’t always obvious. I’ll also mention a few common pitfalls that leave […]

Doppelgänger iPad Experiment

While we primarily develop our iOS apps at WeeWorld using Objective-C, we are open to alternative technologies. Here’s a little iPad game we put together as part of our evaluation of Adobe AIR. Doppelgänger is a port of a Flash-based browser game we released on WeeWorld last year and seemed like a natural fit for […]

Machinarium for iPad 2

Here’s by far the most beautiful AIR for iOS game to date. Machinarium, the award-winning, point-and-click adventure is now available for iPad 2 and managed to grab the #1 spot for all paid categories in the US after just one day! Many of you will recognised Machinarium as it started life as a Flash in-browser […]

Building an iPhone App Using Flash

I popped into my local newsagents and noticed a rather interesting issue of Computer Arts Projects. Almost a third of the magazine has been given over to an extended project detailing how the all-new Computer Arts app for iPhone and iPad, called Visualator, was built using Flash Professional CS5. The magazine takes you through all […]

Flash Stigma

When did Flash become such a dirty word? I ask because I was flicking through the pages of a magazine the other day when I noticed an article comparing Apple’s iPad to Blackberry’s upcoming Playbook. To help potential buyers make a decision the magazine had kindly provided a summary with Pros and Cons for each […]

Does Apple Need Flash?

A day doesn’t go by without someone speculating that Apple will eventually be forced to include the Flash player on iPhone and iPad in an attempt to fend off the ever increasing Android user base. Personally I don’t see this happening for two reasons. Firstly, the majority of people aren’t buying Android devices for the […]

Windows 7 Slate with Flash Support

I gotta take my hat off to Apple. In the three years since the iPhone’s launch the other mobile OEMs are still desperately trying to play catch-up. Even the impressive Android OS doesn’t quite managed it. Android handsets are already suffering the terrible fragmentation issues (different OS versions, screen resolutions, user interfaces) that Apple has […]

Adobe’s WIRED Magazine makes it to iPad

Remember that incredibly impressive interactive WIRED Magazine demo Adobe showed off a few months back? The one that was built using AIR and was intended ultimately for iPad until Apple banned all Flash-related content from their mobile devices? Well against all the odds Adobe announced the release of the WIRED Reader for iPad the other […]