Remember that incredibly impressive interactive WIRED Magazine demo Adobe showed off a few months back? The one that was built using AIR and was intended ultimately for iPad until Apple banned all Flash-related content from their mobile devices? Well against all the odds Adobe announced the release of the WIRED Reader for iPad the other day and it looks every bit as slick as the original AIR demo.

The technology behind it is obviously no longer based on AIR but Adobe’s press release states it was created using InDesign CS5 and additional Adobe publishing technologies. Like everyone else I’m interested to know what the additional publishing technologies are and when the public will get their hands on it.

There was some talk of Apple and the lack of Flash support on iPad/iPhone during last week’s Adobe CS5 Road Show, with the presenter hinting that we might want to keep an eye on Adobe Labs over the next couple of weeks for a special announcement. My guess is he was referring to the WIRED app and the availability of the additional tools used to create it.