When did Flash become such a dirty word?

I ask because I was flicking through the pages of a magazine the other day when I noticed an article comparing Apple’s iPad to Blackberry’s upcoming Playbook. To help potential buyers make a decision the magazine had kindly provided a summary with Pros and Cons for each device.

I was shocked to see the following listed as a negative against the Playbook: ‘Supports Flash’. WTF!? I honestly had to do a double-take. But yup, sure enough the author had clearly decided that offering the user the choice to view the thousands of Flash-based web sites and games out there was somehow a bad thing.

Now I could fully understand if the Playbook’s Flash Player performance was poor and the magazine was taking a dig at that, but to knock a device simply for providing support for a well established technology just seems crazy.

I’ve also noticed similar hatred towards Flash on the Android Market, where apps written using Adobe AIR have been getting negative reviews because of the technology they use.

Does Flash deserve the criticism it’s getting at the moment and what can Adobe do to rectify the situation?

I think I’ll leave my own thoughts on this for another post but feel free to let me know what you think.