Flash iOS Apps Cookbook

I’m delighted to announce that my book, Flash iOS Apps Cookbook, has been published and is available in paperback and various eBook formats including Kindle. Written for both beginners and seasoned developers with a working knowledge of ActionScript 3.0 and Flash Professional, the book provides the recipes required to build native iOS apps using the […]

Supporting both Flash CS5 and CS5.5

Don’t worry, that’s not the only copy I have of my book. And no, I don’t intend to take a drive along a dangerous snowy mountain road anywhere near a crazy woman’s cabin. It’s just that I’ve learned a lot while writing the Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. Firstly, hard copies are important – they really […]

My First Book: Flash iOS Apps Cookbook

If you’ve been wondering why my blog posts have been rather infrequent over the past six months then here’s the reason. Yup that’s right, I’ve been hard at work writing a book for all you Flash lovers out there who want to get into iOS development. It’s titled “Flash iOS Apps Cookbook” and is due […]

Building an iPhone App Using Flash

I popped into my local newsagents and noticed a rather interesting issue of Computer Arts Projects. Almost a third of the magazine has been given over to an extended project detailing how the all-new Computer Arts app for iPhone and iPad, called Visualator, was built using Flash Professional CS5. The magazine takes you through all […]

Graphics Management with Bitmap Sheets

Introduction This tutorial is a loose follow-up to an article I wrote detailing how to maximise render performance for the iPhone Packager. It outlined, with some simple examples, the use of bitmap sheets to load and render bitmap images as opposed to using Flash’s vector rendering engine. I had also written an ActionScript 3 library […]

Flash Camp Birmingham Postponed

Hopefully you’re all as lazy as me and haven’t actually booked travel and accommodation to Flash Camp Birmingham. Why? We’ll because it has been postponed that’s why. Flash Camp won’t take place until 24th March 2011 now!!! That’s so far in the future we might all be living on the moon by then. At least […]

Getting Started with AIR for Android

You’ve probably noticed my posts haven’t been as frequent of late. We’ll it’s all Adobe’s fault! You see I’ve been spending way too much time coding cool stuff for my Google Nexus One rather than blogging. Hold on, actually maybe that’s a good thing. Anyway, I have managed to finish an AIR for Android app […]

Flash Camp Birmingham

If you missed Flash Camp Manchester then don’t worry. The guys at Flash Midlands have just announced that Flash Camp Birmingham will be held on Tuesday 7th September at Birmingham Library Theatre. It’s the same deal as before – entry is free and an excellent selection of speakers will be attending including Mark Doherty (Adobe), […]

Flash Camp Manchester

I’ve been told that all the cool kids will be heading to Manchester on the 8th of July for Flash Camp. Kindly organised by Flash Midlands the event will take place at Manchester Metropolitan University Business School for an afternoon and an evening of presentations, discussions and demonstrations of all things Flash. It sounds like […]

iPhone Packager: Smooth Scrolling

Just thought I’d share a video of an iPhone app that I considered developing using Flash Professional CS5’s iPhone Packager. Of course I won’t be able to publish it to the App Store due to changes in Apple’s developer agreement but I still thought it would be interested to throw together a very rough prototype […]