If you’ve been wondering why my blog posts have been rather infrequent over the past six months then here’s the reason. Yup that’s right, I’ve been hard at work writing a book for all you Flash lovers out there who want to get into iOS development. It’s titled “Flash iOS Apps Cookbook” and is due for release by Packt Publishing in November.

Spanning fourteen chapters it’s full of practical recipes and step-by-step instructions for developing iOS apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. And don’t worry if you’ve always fancied developing for iPhone but weren’t sure where to begin. The first few chapters gently introduce you to the fundamentals, showing you how to join the iOS Developer Program, create the required developer files, and build your very first application using Flash. Heck you’ll be a mega bucks iOS developer in no time!

Oh and if you can’t wait until November then why not head over to the Packt Publishing website and get your hands on the RAW version, which entitles you to immediate access to each new chapter as it becomes available. Right, I guess I better get back to work.

  1. i want that book !

  2. Just downloaded the RAW version of this earlier today and it’s looking really good. Great work Christopher ! It’s the best technical book I’ve read in a while and is coming along just in time for me. It’s already paid for itself!

  3. Thanks for the kind words! Hopefully you’ll find the later chapters just as useful.

    Christopher (Author)
  4. The book is great so far!

    When will the exercise files be available?

  5. Hi Abbey,

    I can’t give an exact date for the exercise files but plan to revisit them during the first round of revisions for the book. So hopefully we’ll be able to make the code examples for the earlier chapters available before the book’s release. Fingers crossed.

    Christopher (Author)
  6. Great book by the way, just really useful tid bits on getting through the process, many thanks.

    One aspect you don’t cover which seems so simple, but I’m having problems submitting my app with the Application Loader. When I try to upload my application, it always says “Application failed codesign verification…”. I’m trying to upload the built ipa file with the deployment type set to AppStore and using the distribution certificates and provision files.

    Any clue would be really helpful and perhaps should be included in the book at the end of chapter 1 or 2.

    Peter S
  7. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for the suggestions and its something I’ll definitely try and address somewhere in the book.

    Here are a few tips that might help if you haven’t already tried:

    1. Create a Distribution Certificate.
    2. Create a Distribution Provisioning Profile.
    3. When creating your Distribution Provisioning Profile:
    a) Avoid using an App ID that contains a wildcard.
    b) Select the ‘App Store’ Distribution Method.
    4. Also when building from Flash, remember to do the following from the AIR for iOS Settings panel:
    a) Select your distribution certificate & distribution provisioning profile. Double check that you aren’t using your development certificate and profile.
    b) Make sure you’re using the correct App ID associated with your distribution provisioning profile.
    5. Before using the Application Loader on Mac, rename your .ipa file to .zip. Extract the .zip file and a Payload folder will be output. Move inside the Payload folder and you should see a file with the same name as your application. Compress this file and submit it to the App Store using the Application Loader.

    You might find the following posts useful if you’re still having problems:


    Christopher (Author)
  8. Got it to work finally. I revoked and re-issued my certificates, rebuild the app with updated provisioning and finally had to uninstall and re-install xcode and the ios sdk.

    I did not have to perform the unzip/zip procedure for Application Loader to be happy. My app is in the Waiting for review state. Not sure if the lack of the unzip/zip step will be a problem, I’ll let you know.


    Peter S
  9. Thanks for the update Peter.

    Christopher (Author)
  10. Well done Chris, I’m going to make sure that I get hold of a printed copy of your book, even though I already have the RAW version! I have just recently submitted my very first iPhone app to Apple; it’s due for release in November. To say that your book was helpful would be a huge understatement. I strongly suspect that your book will come to be regarded as a “must-have” for people such as myself, i.e. Flash developers looking to branch out into iPhone app development.

  11. Thanks JP and congratulations on your first iPhone app!

    Christopher (Author)
  12. Thank you for publishing this book. Very useful to me.