Careers Hub Interactive

I just thought I’d show off an Adobe AIR project that I worked on recently. The Careers IT Seat Interactive is an iPad application that was developed as part of the Glasgow Science Centre’s Careers Hub exhibit. It consists of a series of games and quiz style questions designed to challenge and entertain visitors as […]

Adobe AIR and FlashPlayer 15 Beta

Beta builds of Adobe AIR 15 and Flash Player 15 are now available for download and I must say, there are some really nice features in the works. Here’s a few that caught my eye: Cross promotion of AIR mobile games This is possibly the feature I’m excited about most. Anyone who has released a […]

Adobe AIR Games Showcase #4

It’s time to take a look at some more great games built with Adobe AIR. If you’re using the Flash platform, or any other development platform for that matter, to build your own games then hopefully you’ll find some inspiration here. If you’re just looking for a few games to play then I don’t think […]

Adobe AIR Games Showcase #3

I’ve come across quite a number of Adobe AIR games over the last few months so thought it was about time I did another round-up. There’s actually too many AIR games out there these days, particularly on mobile, so unfortunately I can’t cover them all. However here’s five that caught my eye for one reason […]

AIR’s Improved iOS Packaging Engine

It has been available since AIR 4.0 but I’ve held off covering AIR’s improved packaging engine for iOS due to a major bug at the time. Thankfully it seems to be fixed in the AIR 13.0 beta (yup we’ve gone from 4.0 to 13.0 in one step) so I thought I’d take the packager out […]

Adobe AIR Games Showcase #2

It used to be the case I’d have to actively go looking for desktop and mobile games written in AIR, but these days they aren’t that hard to find. Personally I think it shows AIR’s increasing strengths as a games (and mobile in particular) development platform. Anyway, here are few games that really show the […]

Flash Love

My girlfriend once asked me whether I loved her more than Flash. Of course I didn’t hesitate and immediately asked her what version of Flash she was talking about. Apparently that was the wrong answer and I’ve been trying ever since to find the perfect way to make it up to her. Well, I think […]

Goodbye 2013 | Hullo 2014

That’s another year over and it’s once again time for me to recap what I’ve been up to over the past twelve months and look forward to the next. It’s also an opportunity to see how close I came to achieving the goals I’d set out for myself at the beginning of the year. I […]

Updating AIR SDK for Flash Builder 4.7

I’m not entirely sure why Adobe make it so difficult to update the AIR SDK within Flash Builder 4.7. It’s all the more baffling considering how easy it is to use a different AIR SDK within Flash Professional. Thankfully Joseph Labrecque has recorded a video showing you how to upgrade Flash Builder 4.7 to use […]

AIR Mobile Games Showcase #1

Over the past few weeks I’ve been playing quite a few really great mobile games written in Adobe AIR, so I thought I’d list them here for you guys to check out. All of them are definitely worth a look. Help Me Fly I’ve probably spent more time with this game on my iPhone than […]