Radoslava Leseva Adams at DiaDraw reached out to me recently. She’s the co-author of Migrating to Swift from Flash and ActionScript and wanted to know what I thought of the book. Well I must say it’s an essential piece of reading for any Flash and/or Adobe AIR developers looking to learn native iOS development with […]

Just over a year ago I took a stab at developing an iOS native extension for AIR. It was really just a learning exercise and I wasn’t actually trying to write anything specific. I certainly got a lot from it but having not revisited ANE development since, I recently found to my frustration that I’d […]

Over the past week or so I’ve been looking at Adobe AIR Native Extension (ANE) development. It’s something I’d been meaning to take a gander at for ages but never seemed to find the time. Plus on the surface, developing an ANE seemed a little intimidating. Well the good news is it’s not really that […]

NOTE: If you read this post then please also read the comment at the end from sHTiF (creator of Genome2D) who details some poor assumptions/misunderstandings on my part. When writing my Monster Dash clone, I opted to start by using Flash’s classic display list. Although my intention was to eventually swap over to the Starling […]

If you’re one of the many people aghast at Adobe’s decision to abandon ActionScript 4 then you might be very interested in PlayScript. Developed by Zynga, PlayScript is an open-source ActionScript 3 compatible compiler that targets a variety of runtimes to quickly build 3D games for both the web and mobile devices. In addition to […]


So Adobe made a series of announcements yesterday regarding changes to the Flash roadmap, and typically some of those decisions have had the Flash community up in arms again. Last year I made a conscious decision not to get involved in these often heated debates but I thought that one major piece of news from […]

If you’ve noticed that my blogging has been less frequent the last few months, it’s because I was approached by Software Developer’s Journal magazine about taking on co-editing duties for their July issue. To be perfectly honest, I’d no previous experience as an editor but thought it would be a good opportunity to learn something […]

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Frosby Design has just released its latest iOS kids educational app – Frosby Learning Games. It was developed using Adobe AIR and Flash Professional CS5.5, and has also been featured in Apple’s App Store in the US, UK, Australia and China. It’s a great little app for toddlers and young children, containing a collection of […]

I’ve been impressed by the Starling framework but like many I’ve struggled to get a solid 60fps on some of the older mobile devices out there. For example, my recent parallax scrolling demo was capped at 30fps on iPad 1 whereas the iPad 2 was easily capable of running it at a full 60fps without […]

Adobe released its eagerly anticipated whitepaper outlining the future direction of Flash and AIR. With the desktop Flash Player fighting a losing battle against HTML5, and the mobile player dead, it’s no real surprise that Adobe has decided to focus on gaming and the deployment of premium video. Personally I think this is a good […]