Frosby Design has just released its latest iOS kids educational app – Frosby Learning Games. It was developed using Adobe AIR and Flash Professional CS5.5, and has also been featured in Apple’s App Store in the US, UK, Australia and China.

It’s a great little app for toddlers and young children, containing a collection of fun activities to help with early learning skills and language. My little nephew had a brilliant time playing it. He laughed his little head off when we had to find mice hiding in a block of cheese, and also seemed to love feeding worms to a mole a little later on too.

For more details take a look at Frosby’s official Facebook page. Also, Frosby Design is looking to hire London based Flash game developers to work with on future apps. If you have any ActionScript 3 game demos, then contact Matt Wasser at matt [at] frosby [dot] net.

Frosby Learning Games is available on iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.