Wow, this year’s Adobe MAX could turn out to be the biggest yet for Flash with the announcement that Adobe is bringing 3D GPU accelerated rendering to Flash Player and AIR. From the demonstration videos it looks like this is going to be huge.

Adobe aren’t going to stop there though. They’ll also be adding game controller APIs allowing all manners of devices to hook-up to Flash including game console controllers and steering wheels. Take a look at the video above where Adobe product manager, Thibault Imbert, shows off both the new 3D rendering engine and the game controller API.

Third parties will be able to leverage the 3D APIs (codenamed “Molehill”) to build their own game engines. Take a look at the video above of the stunning Alternativa 8 3d engine to see just what’s going to be possible. CPU fallback will also be available when hardware isn’t compatible ensuring that the Molehill API will run across all devices from desktop to mobile.

Exciting times and for those desperate to get their hands on the API, Adobe will be making a beta available in the first half of next year.