Okay I know. I said I’d have the Targeting Computer ready for AIR for Android’s release but the truth is I’ve been kinda busy with other commitments.

The good news however is that it’s almost there and I now have a version of the Targeting Computer that I would say is functionally complete. Well if you’re willing to ignore one or two niggling bugs that is. Of course there are a few other things I’d like to add but I guess I need to draw a line somewhere.

So what’s still to be done?

Well it needs a lick of paint and I also need to spend some time refitting the visuals for different screen resolutions. One thing that’s quite upsetting about the Android platform is the fragmentation across phones. It’s not like the iPhone where the aspect ratio is identical across devices. It makes handling layout a little trickier.

Still, getting there and I’ll keep you posted.

  1. With each passing moment we become more your servant….*drool*

  2. Please, make it fast: I have a Death Star to blow up, and I’m not as strong in the Force as young Skywalker!

    Lo Zeno
  3. Have you decided on a price point? Please tell me that it will be available in the US.

  4. Good luck with the finishing touches! I can’t wait!

  5. artoo has powered up the converters, and can’t wait to have a play with this on my galaxy s with 2.2
    I’ll cut the chatter!

  6. So any updates on this? I was expecting it to be released about a month ago after this post.

  7. Don’t think it’s coming guys 🙁 but hey, it was a cool idea. Gotta respect the guy for showing us what is possible with the platform. Perhaps some other worldly programmer out there can come up with something similar?