Been holding your breath for Flash Professional CS5? Well Adobe have finally announced that it’ll be available from April 12th. CS5 has an impressive list of new features but I’m sure as always there will be someone out there who has just had a great idea that isn’t going to appear in this release.

To be honest I think the Adobe engineers will probably try and strangle you if you ask them to squeeze it into CS5 this close to release, but all is not lost. You see, those kind people at Adobe have created Adobe Labs Ideas where you can suggest new features for future versions of Flash or vote for a suggestion that’s already been added. So what are you waiting for?

So far, here’s the suggestion that seems to have gotten most votes.

It would be nice if Flash CS5 could automatically inject some humanity and rationale into Steve Jobs and make him realize Apple (and thus, he) cannot grip the Interwebs in an iron fist of greed and censorship. I understand this may take a few unusual new class files and data objects, but I have faith in the Adobe team’s superior engineering capabilities.

I imagine it won’t be that hard to implement. Oh and while they’re at it I hope Adobe take my own feature request seriously. Again, it should be fairly easy to implement:

I’d like a class that allows mobile phones to be used as real lightsabers. The API should allow a blade of plasma energy to be extended for one meter from the end of the handset. It should also allow for the colour to be adjusted between blue, green and red.

Thanks Adobe! Looking forward to seeing these two features implemented in Flash Professional CS6.