Pop over to NoRestForTheWicked and you’ll find a set of nifty ActionScript 3 iPhone components by Nick Jonas. He’s decided to start small but what’s there looks great and should come in handy for anyone wishing to prototype potential iPhone UIs in Flash or for those simply wanting to get a head start with their Flash CS5 Professional iPhone projects.

Currently the SWC comes in at a tidy 72 Kb and the components themselves can be added to your project using only a few lines of code. In fact, from his site you can preview the components and even click on a link next to each to generate the code required to set it up; it really couldn’t be simpler. You won’t be able to use any of the iPhone’s native UI components from within Flash so Nick’s components will no doubt be a lifesaver for many.

  1. “You won’t be able to use any of the iPhone’s native UI components from within Flash”

    Flash, eet so efficient…

  2. Any clue if there’s still a place where we can get our hands on this SWC? I’m getting a 404 when hitting the link (and I can’t seem to find anything from the main site).

  3. Hi Ronny, I think these are the components: http://code.google.com/p/as3iphonecomponents/

    Christopher (Author)
  4. Nice work. However I would like to see the source. It would be nice if the switches could be clicked and not only dragged as it is now…

  5. How can i use this please with flex for mobile application !! i look for some example

  6. Nice, I have thought that native iOS components are available within Flash or Flash Builder.