Our new programmer Ian had managed to avoid using Flash since arriving at WeeWorld, but his luck ran out the other day when he was asked to work on some legacy ActionScript 2 code. I had a bad feeling he wasn’t going to enjoy it, partly because he’d just recently declared C# his new all-time favourite language, but mostly because AS2 is quite rubbish.

Sure enough, 30 minutes in he started muttering stuff under his breath and striking the keys on his keyboard just a little too hard. About an hour later he started shaking his head in disgust and became quite vocal about how backwards everything seemed. By mid-afternoon he’d become delarious and had stopped responding to instructions. Come five o’clock the poor guy looked like he’d suffered some kind of brain injury.

Thankfully he seems to be on the mend but is now insisting that he hates Flash. Maybe he’ll respond better to ActionScript 3.

  1. That’s definitely the order to do it in – show him AS2 and then uplift him with AS3 🙂

    Just don’t remind him about the C# 😉

  2. He should just be grateful that we didn’t start him on some really old AS1 stuff 🙂

    Christopher (Author)
  3. I hate flash. I hate the flash IDE. I hate flash programmers on forums. I hate flash bytecode. I hate Adobe. I hate flash documentation……….

  4. So let me get this straight. You hate Flash?

    Christopher (Author)