Although I subscribe to a few Flash and mobile related groups, I tend not to post that often on them for a few reasons. Firstly, most people’s posts get answered before I have a chance to reply. Secondly I tend to talk rubbish quite often so it’s best I keep my mouth shut.

In fact, keeping a blog is quite a big step for me since my thoughts and opinions are now public knowledge and therefore open to serious disagreement or misinterpretation. However I can be a sensitive soul at times and I try my best not to upset or offend people, although I probably fail miserably at it. I guess I just want to be a nice dude that everybody likes 🙂

In response to a post of mine I recently made on a Flash Lite group, I received the following from Nokia’s Riku Salminen:

It’s not a perfect world and making Flash work on mobile has been a tremendous effort from Adobe and all handset manufacturers involved. Cross device and –platform compatibility being one of the most challenging tasks.

You see I’d  implied that Flash Lite can be a bit temperamental across devices, and if you take a look at one of my more recent posts you’ll find that I have also been quite critical of Nokia’s attempts at deploying Flash Lite successfully across their handsets.

It was a great response from Riku and thankfully he took my original post in the best of spirits but it got me thinking that I’d perhaps been overly critical of Nokia. After all, anyone who has gotten to know me over the years will know that I’m a bit of a Nokia fan boy. Sure I don’t exactly have every device that’s come to market but I have a decent wee collection of Nokias that I use for my various Flash Lite tinkerings.

So just for the avoidance of doubt I’d just like to set the record straight. On the whole I think the progress made by Nokia (and the many other handset manufacturers) over the years, deploying Flash Lite on their handsets, has been excellent. Sure mistakes have been made along the way, but the fact remains, they’ve done more than most to support and promote the Flash platform on mobile. It’s why I keep buying their phones.

Now for those who still believe I’m a Nokia hater, here’s a photo that might change your mind. It was taken during the summer on a trip to England to see Pearl Jam and was one of only three photographs I had my brother take of me that day (including all my time spent at the Pearl Jam gig).