Tutorial for those living in a parallel universe

Good news folks! If you use Flash and live in an alternate reality where Apple and Adobe get along just fine then you’ll probably find this tutorial quite useful. It details how to get the best performance when writing apps with Flash CS5 Professional’s Packager for iPhone. I suppose for everybody else there’s nothing stopping you […]

Exciting new features for Device Central CS5

I’m a big fan of Adobe Device Central and have been using it over the years on various mobile projects. It really was a lifesaver when porting my GamesFlash project from S60 3rd Edition smartphones to the mass market Symbian Series 40 handsets. With their limited CPU and memory constraints, every byte saved mattered and optimising […]

Has Apple just nuked the Flash iPhone Packager?

So Apple has just changed its developer agreement for those wishing to access the iPhone Developer Program and it could spell the end for Adobe’s iPhone Packager before it has even been released. Here’s the worrying snippet: 3.3.1 Applications may only use Documented APIs in the manner prescribed by Apple and must not use or […]

Help shape the future of Flash

Been holding your breath for Flash Professional CS5? Well Adobe have finally announced that it’ll be available from April 12th. CS5 has an impressive list of new features but I’m sure as always there will be someone out there who has just had a great idea that isn’t going to appear in this release. To be honest I think the […]

iPhone apps built with Flash CS5

Adobe have released a video showing off some more apps created using Flash Pro CS5. What I’ve seen so far is very encouraging and the performance seems to be significantly better compared to some of the earlier releases they announced during MAX. These apps are available on the App Store along with others that are […]

Flash CS5 will have iPad support

Good news boys and girls. Steve Jobs might be trying his damnedest to keep Flash off all his shiny new toys but that hasn’t stopped Adobe from ensuring that those using the upcoming Flash Pro CS5 will be able to create applications that will run on the iPad. Content compiled using Flash’s iPhone Packager will happily run on […]

Conditional Compilation

It’s the simple things that make me happy. Conditional compilation is one such thing and although it has been available since Flash CS4 those developing for mobile have been unable to take advantage of it. Why? Well to-date mobile developers have been limited to Flash Lite and ActionScript 1/2, whereas conditional compilation is only available […]

Flash CS5 Public Beta Cancelled

Bad news for anyone waiting to get their hands on the Flash CS5 public beta. Adobe have just announced that in order to deliver the final version of Flash CS5 as soon as possible they’ve cancelled the beta release that was to be made available at the end of the month. Adobe’s announcement at Max […]

XML Based FLA Files

I’ve been quite impressed by the announced features for Flash CS5, with the ability to write apps for iPhone being the one that has gotten the Flash community most excited. One upcoming feature that seems to have been overlooked by most people that I’m particularly looking forward to however is the new XML based FLA format. […]