I’m a big fan of Adobe Device Central and have been using it over the years on various mobile projects. It really was a lifesaver when porting my GamesFlash¬†project from S60 3rd Edition smartphones to the mass market Symbian Series 40 handsets. With their limited CPU and memory constraints, every byte saved mattered and optimising in order to gain maximum performance was critical.

Device Central’s huge catalogue of devices and its ability to accurately simulate the performance of these devices made it possible to test my code without having to spend a fortune on hardware. The Memory Inspector was an ideal way to check if my code was about to blow the heap on any one device, and was great for identifying areas of code that were consuming too much RAM.

However there have been some glaring omissions that Adobe are thankfully rectifying in Device Central CS5. For the first time you’ll be able to actually use the Flash debugger when running content within the device emulator. It’s hard to believe this feature wasn’t made available sooner but I’m delighted that it is finally making it into a release. The other great feature I’m looking forward to is the ability to emulate a device’s on-board accelerometer.

Take a look at the two videos from Adobe Platform Evangelist Mark Doherty as he gives a guided tour of some of these new features.