Match Mee Treasure Room Update

Just thought I’d let you guys know that we released an update to Match Mee with a bundle of new features and bug fixes. The major addition was a treasure room allowing the player to see their collected Idols. It’s something people had been asking for so we were more than happy to oblige. From […]

Have a very HTML5 Christmas

At WeeWorld we rely quite heavily on the Flash runtime and its excellent vector renderer. However for toady’s post I thought it would be fun to use the Toolkit for CreateJS to export some of our Flash assets to HTML5. Of course, the assets are of no use whatsoever on their own, so I rolled […]

Flash Rocks

We use Flash a heck of a lot at WeeWorld. In fact, thanks to all those gorgeous vector graphics that Flash is so brilliant at, we don’t necessarily need to limit ourselves to a computer monitor. As part of a recent office refurbishment we decided to scale-up all our fantastic vector artwork, send it off […]

AIR for iOS Optimizations

I thought I’d follow-up my original post about Doppelgänger, and take some time to detail its implementation from a rendering perspective. There’s a lot that can be done to ensure your AIR for iOS apps hit their target frame rate, but these optimizations aren’t always obvious. I’ll also mention a few common pitfalls that leave […]

Doppelgänger iPad Experiment

While we primarily develop our iOS apps at WeeWorld using Objective-C, we are open to alternative technologies. Here’s a little iPad game we put together as part of our evaluation of Adobe AIR. Doppelgänger is a port of a Flash-based browser game we released on WeeWorld last year and seemed like a natural fit for […]

Building iOS Apps with Flash’s Help

We recently released, Cweeture Jump, our first in-house iPhone game. Although we rely heavily on Flash at WeeWorld, Cweeture Jump was actually written natively using Objective C for a number of reasons. Interestingly though this didn’t mean that Flash was entirely removed from the equation as our art team opted to continue using it to […]

Doppelgänger Released

You may remember I posted a few months back about our Facebook Challenge day at WeeWorld and my team’s heartache at unfairly losing to team Sex Panther. You don’t? We’ll personally I won’t forget coz the demo we produced was pretty cool. So cool in fact that Doppelgänger recently got added to the WeeWorld roadmap […]

Facebook Challenge

We had quite an interested day at WeeWorld last week with our boss MacDog announcing that we’d all be doing something a little different. The plan was to split the developers into two rival teams and give each a day to think-up and build a really cool Facebook app. Well if the truth be told […]

WeeMee iPhone app

Yeah, okay, so this post has nothing to do with Flash whatsoever. But hey I’ve got plenty of love for other technologies – even the ones that don’t support Flash. So if you happen to have an iPhone along with the other zillion people out there then I thoroughly recommend you check out WeeWorld’s WeeMee […]

Dave – A Flash Success Story

Imagine if you could somehow take Google and place it inside a man’s brain then have that man spit out the answer to almost any question you put to him. Well such a person does exist. His name is Dave and I had the great pleasure of working with him for four years at WeeWorld right […]