You may remember I posted a few months back about our Facebook Challenge day at WeeWorld and my team’s heartache at unfairly losing to team Sex Panther. You don’t? We’ll personally I won’t forget coz the demo we produced was pretty cool. So cool in fact that Doppelgänger recently got added to the WeeWorld roadmap and has now gone live.

I said at the time how amazed I was at just what you can quickly produce with Flash, and it really didn’t take long at all to take it from prototype to a finished product. If I can find the time I might even try porting it to iPhone using Adobe AIR – think it would be an interesting experiment. You never know, maybe my boss MacDog will be reading this post and actually give me some official time to do it – after all, he’s probably still feeling kinda guilty about dismissing Doppelgänger first time round and awarding the prize to his buddies instead.

If you fancy giving Doppelgänger a go then click on the image above.