We use Flash a heck of a lot at WeeWorld. In fact, thanks to all those gorgeous vector graphics that Flash is so brilliant at, we don’t necessarily need to limit ourselves to a computer monitor. As part of a recent office refurbishment we decided to scale-up all our fantastic vector artwork, send it off to a printers, and stick the end result on our walls. And as you can see from the photos below, it looks fantastic!

Being greeted by a wall full of WeeMees really brightens your day.

I’m always amazed by what our artists can produce with Flash Professional. There’s an incredible amount of detail in each of the outfits they create, and sometimes that detail’s lost on a screen. So it’s great knowing that any visitors will be greeted by insanely high-quality WeeMee representations of every single person in our Glasgow office.

Like my WeeMee's Flash t-shirt? Pity I don't have one for real. Hint hint Adobe 😉

Yup, Flash rocks!