Video: Intro to Flash Pro’s WebGL Runtime API

The video from my Introduction to Flash Professional’s WebGL Runtime API webinar is now available. The encoding for the video unfortunately looks a bit wonky in places but I’ve provided the slides from the presentation below so you should be able to follow along with the audio. In addition, the FLA and source code from […]

Endless Runner Source Code

I’ve decided to port the source code from my Building a Parallax Scroller tutorial to various other languages, starting with TypeScript. I’m hoping that it will eventually evolve into more than just a parallax scroller and we’ll end up with a very simple endless runner game but that’s for a little further down the line. […]

Away3D TypeScript

It looks like there has been some significant work going on to port Away3D to Typescript. For the last few months plugin.IO and Karim Beyrouti have been busy porting Away3D to JavaScript via TypeScript. The process has required reverse-engineering of the Flash framework and Adobe themselves have been on hand to help. The nice thing […]


I’ve been doing a lot more JavaScript recently and while I’m enjoying it I do really miss the type safety and object-oriented language features provided by ActionScript 3. This is especially true for larger projects where a proper object-oriented approach would be ideal. JavaScript’s typeless and dynamic nature means it’s incredibly easy to introduce bugs […]