It looks like there has been some significant work going on to port Away3D to Typescript. For the last few months plugin.IO and Karim Beyrouti have been busy porting Away3D to JavaScript via TypeScript. The process has required reverse-engineering of the Flash framework and Adobe themselves have been on hand to help.

The nice thing about TypeScript is that it will make working with this port of Away3D feel fairly familiar for those coming from an ActionScript 3 background. And of course, targeting JavaScript means that you’ll be able to work outside the Flash Player, instead targeting HTML5 and WebGL. This fact alone will obviously help developers push content to compatible mobile browsers.

There’s still work to be done but you can get the current version of the code here on GitHub. Also, take a look at the following demos, which give a very good indication of the state of the project:

With the Starling framework also being ported to TypeScript it’s good to see another popular framework going in the same direction.