Little Moon Buggy

I’ve been messing around with three.js again recently and thought it would be fun to try and mix some 2D visuals with 3D, kinda like you see in games like Rayman Legends. I also thought I’d spend some time experimenting with Physijs, which is a physics plugin for three.js. The end result was this little […]


Thanks to the ever increasing browser penetration of WebGL we’re seeing more and more games and demos that take advantage of it. One such demo that caught my eye a while ago was HexGL – a futuristic, fast-paced racing game developed with JavaScript and three.js. If you haven’t played it then check it out or […]

More Fun with Three.js

Happy New Year everyone! I thought I’d share with you my latest three.js experiment. It’s based on the spline demos I posted previously but this time I thought I’d move the camera to the outside of the tube geometry and let you rotate left and right around it. Just for fun, you can also fire […]

Fun with Three.js

Every year I promise myself I’ll spend some time learning 3D graphics programming and just about every year I fail miserably at finding the time to do so. So in a desperate attempt not to let the same happen again this year I thought I’d do some tinkering with three.js. Here are two quick demos […]