Starling Bubbles

If you’ve been working your way through my book then you may find the content in the following video familiar. As part of a series of articles I’m writing for Flash & Flex Developer’s Magazine, I decided to revisit the underwater bubbles scene from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. However, whereas the cookbook focusses on […]

Creating Particle Effects with Starling

I was asked by Flash & Flex Developer’s magazine to write a tutorial covering Starling and its particle system extension. So if you fancy seeing just how easy it is to get really great particle effects up and running using Starling then head on over to the magazine’s official website and grab yourself a copy […]

60fps scrolling using Starling

I really do love the simplicity of one-touch mobile games. They’re just so much more accessible to a casual audience compared to modern console games that typically require you to mash a thousand different buttons. However, their apparent simplicity may mislead many to think that such games are easy to make. They’re actually anything but. […]

Angry Birds on Facebook

Rovio’s smash hit, Angry Birds, is now available on Facebook thanks to Flash Player 11 and the Starling framework. For those who don’t know, Starling is built on top of Adobe’s Stage3D API and provides hardware accelerate 2D graphics via the GPU. If you take a look at the game’s credits screen you’ll see Starling […]

New Flash Books from O’Reilly

O’Reilly recently released three new Flash related e-books, and the brilliant news is that they’re all available for free. First up there’s What’s New in Adobe AIR 3 and What’s New in Flash Player 11, both of which are by Joseph Labrecque, who is also the author of the excellent Flash Development for Android Cookbook. […]

Happy Halloween

I thought I’d create some spooky ghosts using Starling to scare my WeeMee with. Enjoy Halloween everyone!

Starling Experiment

I’ve been playing with the Starling framework and so far the performance on desktop has been pretty good. Here’s a little experiment I bashed together. Just click on the little rotating sprite then watch all hell break loose. Oh and once things get a bit hectic, run your mouse over them to create some nice […]

It’s Not All About 3D You Know

Yup, that’s right. With all this talk of Stage 3D lately you could be forgiven for thinking that Adobe has given up on simple 2D games. However that couldn’t be further from the truth. It may not be obvious from its name, but the Stage 3D APIs are also perfect for rendering high-performance 2D graphics. […]