Rovio’s smash hit, Angry Birds, is now available on Facebook thanks to Flash Player 11 and the Starling framework. For those who don’t know, Starling is built on top of Adobe’s Stage3D API and provides hardware accelerate 2D graphics via the GPU.

If you take a look at the game’s credits screen you’ll see Starling proudly listed, along with Erin Catto, the creator of Box2D, who had a wee bit of a fallout with Rovio not too long ago. Oh and if you’re looking for new Flash-based blogs to follow then I highly recommend following Ville Koskela who was lead programmer on the Flash version of Angry Birds.

It’s certainly good to see Flash and Stage3D find its way into such high-profile work.

  1. Angry Birds on Facebook with Flash is a huge announcement.

    But How Popular Is the Game?,… & What does a FLASH version mean for Adobe?