I really do love the simplicity of one-touch mobile games. They’re just so much more accessible to a casual audience compared to modern console games that typically require you to mash a thousand different buttons. However, their apparent simplicity may mislead many to think that such games are easy to make. They’re actually anything but.

With the official release of the Starling Framework, and the availability of AIR 3.2 RC I thought I’d have a bash at creating the scrolling tile map used in Halfbrick’s excellent Monster Dash game. You can see my efforts in the video above, where I managed to get it running on iPad 2 at a rock solid 60fps. It currently manages a respectable 30fps on iPad 1 but hopefully I’ll find some time to try some more optimizations. I was also curious to see if Starling was helping to alleviate the strain on the CPU. A quick check using Instruments on Mac revealed that my ActionScript was consuming only 10% of the CPU, which was really encouraging.

I’m really looking forward to seeing what others in the Flash community produce with the various frameworks that are built on top of Stage 3D.