Next Generation Flash Professional

Looks like a new version of Flash Professional is on the horizon. Codenamed Hellcat, it has been re-written to take advantage of 64-bit architecture and should be much faster and hopefully more reliable than previous versions. In the video above, Sr. Product Manager Tom Barclay gives us a first look at it, focussing on the […]

Creating a Custom Virtual Keyboard

Although AIR for iOS offers access to the iOS virtual keyboard, you have limited control over the type of keyboard that appears. If you want additional keyboard configurations within your Flash project then you’ll need to build your own custom keyboard component. Although this will require some development effort it will allow you to tailor […]

Flash Pro CS6 and the Toolkit for CreateJS

Learn how to build rich HTML5 applications with content exported using Flash Professional CS6’s Toolkit for CreateJS. What you will learn… The fundamentals of the CreateJS suite of JavaScript libraries How to publish Flash Professional CS6 assets for use with CreateJS How to write JavaScript that utilizes your exported content What you should know… You […]

One More ‘Lost’ Recipe

There are many technical challenges when moving from desktop to mobile but the first thing that usually catches newbies out is the increased pixel density of compact mobile screens. When writing Flash iOS Apps Cookbook, pixel density was something I’d addressed in Chapter 4, Porting Flash Projects to iOS. However after reading the feedback from […]

Understanding Pixel Density

While iOS devices have a smaller physical screen size compared to desktop monitors, they have a much higher pixel density. Pixel density is typically measured in pixels per inch (PPI) and indicates the amount of detail that can be shown on a screen. The higher the pixel density, the greater the detail that can be […]

Another ‘Lost Recipe’ Released

Well I thought it was about time I dug out another ‘lost recipe’ from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. This one shows how to stream remote video to a device and was originally intended for Chapter 12, Working with Video and Audio. You’d have thought this recipe would have been a strong candidate to make […]

Playing Remote Video

It’s often convenient to playback video remotely from a web server rather than bundling it directly within your app. This is necessary, for example, in apps where the user has to select from a collection of dynamically uploaded video. Let’s see how to progressively download either an FLV or H.264 video from the web and […]

Excerpt on Adobe’s Developer Connection Site

I’m delighted to announce that, along with a photo of my big ugly mug, Adobe are currently featuring an excerpt from my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. So if you’re undecided about making a purchase then why not head on over to their Developer Connection website where you can download Chapter 15, ActionScript Optimization in its […]

Flash iOS Apps Cookbook – The lost recipes

When writing a book there are many tough decisions to be made. Perhaps the most agonising for me was deciding what to keep and what to drop. With an agreed page count to stick to I found that I simply couldn’t cram everything I wanted to into my Flash iOS Apps Cookbook. So during the […]

JavaScript to ActionScript Communication

While ActionScript to JavaScript communication is straightforward, JavaScript to ActionScript communication is less obvious and somewhat limited when working with the StageWebView class. In this tutorial we’ll walk through the steps required to pass data from an HTML page to your AIR for iOS app. This tutorial is a previously unreleased recipe from Flash iOS […]