Adobe AIR and FlashPlayer 15 Beta

Beta builds of Adobe AIR 15 and Flash Player 15 are now available for download and I must say, there are some really nice features in the works. Here’s a few that caught my eye: Cross promotion of AIR mobile games This is possibly the feature I’m excited about most. Anyone who has released a […]

Flash Player Success Stories

Recently I wrote about several Adobe AIR success stories for iOS. For today’s post I thought I’d focus on the Flash Player and point out just how advanced Flash gaming in the browser has become. Just over a year ago, Adobe introduced access to the GPU via the Stage3D API. Let’s take a look at […]

Native JSON Support for Flash

Heck, things are moving so fast for Flash and AIR these days that it’s hard to keep up! Flash Player 10.3 is now live on desktop and Android, and a new Incubator build has just been released with a slew of great new features. One of the features I’m particularly happy about is native JSON […]