Flash Mobile Development Links

Flash development on mobile is starting to pick up some momentum, be it Flash Lite on Nokia devices or AIR-based apps for Android. So if you’re at all interested in Flash for mobile then head over to Alessandro Pace’s blog where you’ll find everything from tutorials to white papers all conveniently listed in the one […]

New Version of SWF2Go

With all the recent talk of Adobe AIR for Android and the Packager for iPhone, it’s easy to forget that there’s a new version of Flash Lite and a whole host of handsets out there that support it. So if you’re writing Flash Lite apps and would like to distribute them then you might be […]

My “Write Once, Run Anywhere” Experiment

The Challenge There’s much talk of creating content once with Adobe Flash and running it just about anywhere. Now anyone who’s had experience writing Flash content for mobile will know that it’s not that simple (all devices aren’t equal after all) but hey, I’m always up for a challenge and thought I’d try and port […]

Online Flash Lite Packager is back!

Great news folks. Forum Nokia’s Online Flash Lite Packager is live again. To be honest I was starting to fear the worst but true to their word the boys and girls at Forum Nokia have wheeled out a new version. So if you fancy converted any of your existing Flash projects to Flash Lite and […]

Flash Lite 4

Spotted an interesting article on Scott Janousek’s blog stating that Flash Lite 4 is now available from Calsoft, one of Adobe’s partners responsible for getting the Flash Lite run-time working across various chipsets. So why another version of Flash Lite? Isn’t Flash Player 10.1 for mobile going to make Flash Lite redundant? Well not quite […]

Flash Lite 3.0 “out of memory” bug

Developing GamesFlash over the last few years was a great learning experience and, as I’ve said before, was something I was extremely proud of. There were times however when I felt like giving up. Although Flash Lite was a great stepping stone towards a full mobile version of the Flash player, there were terrible fragmentation […]

Where has Forum Nokia’s Online Packager gone?

What the heck is going on with Forum Nokia’s Online Flash Lite packager? It must be months now since Nokia put the project on hold meaning anyone with great Flash Lite content that they’d like to package and distribute will have have to look elsewhere for an alternative. It’s a real shame because the online […]

My Nokia has gone through an 80s time warp!

Just for fun I decided to port my audio cassette music player to mobile. A really strange thing happened though when I actually got it onto my Nokia 5800. As soon as I saw it on the phone’s screen a long forgotten memory from my childhood came back to me of something I hadn’t thought about […]

I’m not a Nokia hater, honest

Although I subscribe to a few Flash and mobile related groups, I tend not to post that often on them for a few reasons. Firstly, most people’s posts get answered before I have a chance to reply. Secondly I tend to talk rubbish quite often so it’s best I keep my mouth shut. In fact, keeping […]

Flash Lite 3 Security Sandbox – A Reminder

This isn’t anything new but it’s an easy one to forget and something that caught me out the other day. So to be perfectly honest I’m writing this as more of a reminder to myself rather than anything else. Firstly the problem. I was helping someone with their Flash Lite app that let the user […]