Flash development on mobile is starting to pick up some momentum, be it Flash Lite on Nokia devices or AIR-based apps for Android.

So if you’re at all interested in Flash for mobile then head over to Alessandro Pace’s blog where you’ll find everything from tutorials to white papers all conveniently listed in the one post. Really great post Alessandro!

For those interested in BlackBerry’s PlayBook I strongly recommend you check out this excellent article by Junchao Ji detailing how to build AIR applications for the BlackBerry Tablet OS. And remember, developers who create a qualifying application for the BlackBerry PlayBook prior to its initial North American release are eligible for a free BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Head over here if you want to know more.

Last but not least, for anyone building iPhone apps with Adobe’s Packager for iPhone this Guide for Apple App Store submissions might be of interest. The article covers many topics including device performance, usability and setting up distribution certificates.