Integrated Native Physics in the Flash Runtime

Over the last year or so there’s been much talk from the community regarding the need for the integration of native physics within the Flash runtime. Adobe’s Flash product manager, Chris Campbell, has opened this up for further discussion on the Adobe Communities forum. Personally I think this might be a good thing as Adobe […]

Physics and Pixi JS

I spent some time over the weekend adding Box2D physics to the JavaScript version of my endless runner prototype. As you can see from the video below, you can now interact with our little hero, making him run and jump between platforms (once again, apologies about the terrible camera work). The demo may still be […]

60fps gameplay with Box2D and Starling

My post from a few weeks back may have piqued your curiosity. It showed the bare bones of a scrolling platform game built on top of Box2D and running with debug graphics. Since then I’ve been busy adding proper visuals to it using the Starling framework and can now reveal what the heck I’ve actually […]

Endless Runner

Just thought I’d show off a video of something I’ve been working on over the last few weeks. It’s a work-in-progress and only has debug graphics in place but it should give you an idea of what I’m trying to do. If you’re still not sure where I’m heading with it then take a look […]

Review: Box2D for Flash Games

It seems just about every game these days relies on physics. There are many engines available but probably the most popular is Box2D, which powers smash hits including Angry Birds and Tiny Wings. But if you’re looking to write your first physics based game then it can all feel rather daunting. Thankfully Packt Publishing’s latest […]