Over the last year or so there’s been much talk from the community regarding the need for the integration of native physics within the Flash runtime. Adobe’s Flash product manager, Chris Campbell, has opened this up for further discussion on the Adobe Communities forum.

Personally I think this might be a good thing as Adobe has been saying for some time that gaming is now the primary focus of Flash and AIR. However, I really only want to see this happen if adding a native physics engine would provide superior performance over and above using a third party ActionScript library. I’d also only really be keen to see this happen if Adobe were committed to frequently maintaining and updating the API. Finally, I’d prefer that API to be either Box2D or something that’s very similar to Box2D. My reason being that Box2D is a very popular and well document API. I’d rather work with an API that’s well known and already has a wealth of tutorials and resources out there that I can already benefit from.

Anyway, if you want your say in the matter then head over to the Adobe Community Forums and add your tuppence worth.