Away3D TypeScript

It looks like there has been some significant work going on to port Away3D to Typescript. For the last few months plugin.IO and Karim Beyrouti have been busy porting Away3D to JavaScript via TypeScript. The process has required reverse-engineering of the Flash framework and Adobe themselves have been on hand to help. The nice thing […]

Stage3D Online Conference

The Stage3D Online Conference took place last week and its organiser, Sergey Gonchar, has kindly posted a video of the entire five hours. It boasts an impressive line-up of speakers covering popular frameworks including Minko, Away3D, Genome2D, and Flare3D. I managed to catch the first two hours (had to head off to see Indie Game: […]

Kinect Native Extension for AIR

My brother was telling me how much fun he’d had over the weekend playing with a Microsoft’s Kinect he’d borrowed from a friend. It prompted me to dig out a blog post I’d seen not too long ago showing Kinect integration within Adobe AIR. The post was by Adobe Platform Evangelist Serge Jespers, and showed […]