WeeMoji – Emoji Sticker Maker

Here’s a project I completed for WeeWorld at the tail end of last year. WeeMoji is an app for iOS and Android that lets you make your very own customised emojis and stickers featuring you! At its core is a fun avatar creator where you make a little WeeMee that looks just like yourself. The […]

Adobe AIR Flappy Bird Clone

I had Sunday afternoon to myself, so I thought I’d port my HTML5 Flappy Bird clone to Adobe AIR and see how quickly I could get it up and running on mobile. It didn’t take that long at all and I was pretty pleased with the end result. Porting the JavaScript to ActionScript 3 only […]

Array and Vector API Improvements

It’s not often you see updates to the ActionScript 3 class APIs these days, so I was pleasantly surprised to see that the AIR 19 beta introduces two new methods to the Vector and Array class: insertAt() removeAt() They are intended as a replacement for the splice() method when you only want to add or […]

iOS Concurrency

The beta release of Adobe AIR 19 has landed and the big news is that we finally have the AS3 Workers API for iOS. So what are Workers? Well put simply, Workers lets us create multi-threaded AIR and Flash Player applications. This is significant because you can finally relegate CPU intensive tasks to a background […]

Endless Runner AS3 Source Code

So that’s the ActionScript 3 version of my endless runner on GitHub. The JavaScript and TypeScript versions both used PixiJS as the 2D renderer, but of course, for the AS3 version I’m using the excellent Starling Framework. If you’ve been reading my blog for a few years you’ll know that my endless runner actually started […]


I’ve been doing a lot more JavaScript recently and while I’m enjoying it I do really miss the type safety and object-oriented language features provided by ActionScript 3. This is especially true for larger projects where a proper object-oriented approach would be ideal. JavaScript’s typeless and dynamic nature means it’s incredibly easy to introduce bugs […]

Review: Box2D for Flash Games

It seems just about every game these days relies on physics. There are many engines available but probably the most popular is Box2D, which powers smash hits including Angry Birds and Tiny Wings. But if you’re looking to write your first physics based game then it can all feel rather daunting. Thankfully Packt Publishing’s latest […]

Review: Flash Development for Android Cookbook

With Android’s growing momentum, the Flash platform is perfectly positioned to allow developers to take advantage of its runtime to distribute content across mobile. Part of Packt Publishing’s popular Cookbook series: Flash Development for Android Cookbook by Joseph Labrecque offers over 90 carefully selected recipes for demonstrating mobile concepts related to Android and providing step-by-step […]

Concurrency in Flash

One of the most frequent requests for the Flash runtime has to be the ability to leverage multi-core architecture using ActionScript. Well as you can see from the video below, concurrency is coming to ActionScript. The hour long session covers quite a lot of ground and shows code examples of the new ActionScript worker API […]

Happy Halloween

I thought I’d create some spooky ghosts using Starling to scare my WeeMee with. Enjoy Halloween everyone!