Adobe has just released an update to Flash Professional CC and the great news is that it now provides native HTML5 document support. This is a significant step towards Flash’s deeper integration with HTML5 and the CreateJS framework. You can now create a new HTML5 document directly from Flash Professional and you’ll find all the HTML5 export settings now sitting within Flash’s Publish Settings panel.

Previously HTML5 export was available via the Toolkit for CreateJS extension. This had its problems as it was all too easy to build a FLA that used features that weren’t supported by the export tool. That’s no longer an issue as the new HTML5 Canvas document disables any Flash features that aren’t supported in HTML5. In addition, JavaScript is now treated as a first class citizen. You can now write JavaScript directly within your Actions panel complete with code hinting and code colouring.

Hopefully we’ll see more great updates like this over the next twelve months. More frequent updates are definitely one of the benefits of Adobe moving its product suite over to the Creative Cloud.