The Flash platform has had some success with children’s interactive books and here’s another one that’s arrived just in time for Halloween. Vlad’s Vampire Bats tells the story of Vlad; a lonely vampire with a problem: everything he touches turns into a bat. You’ll be taken through 17 screens of animated fun, lighting candles with your finger, exploring Vlad’s castle, and of course, turning things into bats!

Interestingly Vlad’s Vampire Bats was created by a design team who had no prior programming experience. The guys at Frosby Designs learned ActionScript 3 from scratch in order to put the app together, which is a great testament to the strengths of the Flash platform.

Sounds like fun but I’m obviously a little too old for this app so I decided to see how wee Freddy, my one year-old nephew, would respond to it. Well you’ll be pleased to know he laughed his little head off and constantly slapped my iPad’s screen with delight so I’m guessing Frosby got this one just about spot on. Great stuff!

Vlad’s Vampire Bats is available for iPad, iPhone and Android.