Russian Roulette

I tend to undertake personal projects that are way too ambitious and almost always never get finished. However I think recently I’ve started to learn that if I ever want to do anything cool outside work I’m gonna have to be more realistic about what I can undertake in my limited spare time. So last […]

Flash Training for .net Developers

At WeeWorld the majority of our projects are split evenly between Flash and .net, however very few developers are cross-trained in both. As part of our ongoing effort to be agile I was tasked with giving our .net developers some Flash training. Spread over 6 weeks, the guys have been spending their Friday afternoons working […]

XML Based FLA Files

I’ve been quite impressed by the announced features for Flash CS5, with the ability to write apps for iPhone being the one that has gotten the Flash community most excited. One upcoming feature that seems to have been overlooked by most people that I’m particularly looking forward to however is the new XML based FLA format. […]

Hullo and Welcome

Welcome to my first ever blog. It’s something I’ve been threatening to do for some time now but never seemed to get round to it. I seem to have a bit more spare time on my hands so hopefully I’ll be able to keep updating it regularly. It’s mostly going to be a development blog […]