Does it look familiar? Of course it does, it’s the HP Windows 7 slate. It was certainly one of the most promising looking tablets on the horizon and I for one was a little upset when it looked like HP had pulled the plug on the project. Thankfully HP has just announced that it will arrive this fall/autumn.

HP WebOS Slate

It’s a nice looking device and I’m hopeful that they’ve ironed out the usability and performance issues that we were hearing about from those who got their hands on early preview versions of the device. Best of all is that the HP Slate will support Adobe Flash within the browser. Not sure if it will have AIR support but fingers crossed.

Here’s some more info.

Now what about a WebOS version? Now that would be interesting.

UPDATE: Looks like the slate is no longer a consumer products. Thanks to mnem for sending this link.

  1. 8 versions of it? Why are PC hardware manufacturers so silly?

  2. Yeah I know. Only 8 models! That’s never enough choice 😉

    Christopher (Author)