Flash a-ah, Saviour of the Universe

I love this commercial for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It serves as a great piece for not only the Flash Player, but Adobe AIR too – all the apps featured are written using it. If anyone at BlackBerry is reading this post then send me out a PlayBook and I’ll write good things about it on […]

Flash Stigma

When did Flash become such a dirty word? I ask because I was flicking through the pages of a magazine the other day when I noticed an article comparing Apple’s iPad to Blackberry’s upcoming Playbook. To help potential buyers make a decision the magazine had kindly provided a summary with Pros and Cons for each […]

BlackBerry PlayBook

Another tablet device and another OS. Things are hotting up with BlackBerry entering the arena with the Flash Player 10.1 and AIR 2.5 enabled PlayBook. It looks like this device will pack a punch, with a 7-inch screen, 1GHZ dual-core CPU, 1GB of RAM, support for hardware accelerated video and an HDMI output that can […]