It’s been a few months since I last showed off Bunny Vengeance. Well here’s the latest version of the prototype and as you can see from the video it’s looking much more complete. The most obvious change is the addition of the Boss – previously you were just fighting a clone of yourself. Blocking punches is now much more convincing too and your character will actually get pushed back as he tries to deflect blows. I’ve also gone ahead and hooked up some special moves, which can only be activated by first building up a charge bar.

As far as beat ’em ups go the game’s deliberately simple. It’s a two-button affair (attack and defend), which I feel helps keep things in the spirit of touch screen gaming. It’s still a long way off being a finished game and the UI needs some serious work but I think we’ll move on and explore some other gameplay ideas and concepts first. My buddy Alex has a few ideas up his sleeve and hopefully he’ll be able to get some new artwork over to me soon. I’ll keep you guys posted.