My Starling parallax scrolling demo that I showed off running on iPad seems to have gotten quite a lot of attention recently. So I thought I’d strike while the iron was hot and quickly throw together a JavaScript version, which you can hopefully see below. I’d originally been working with the graphics from Halfbricks’s excellent Monster Dash HTML5 game, but seeing as this version was going to be publicly available via my blog, I thought I better find alternatives. Thankfully my girlfriend Amanda very kindly created a new set of PNGs for me to use.

I opted for the excellent IvanK Lib for my choice of 2D graphics library as it was based closely on Flash’s own display list, making the port to JavaScript quite straightforward. If you’re planning on taking your Flash skillsets over to JavaScript then IvanK is definitely a good place to start. Its website has some really simple tutorials that will get you up and running in no time at all. If I can find the time I might also try using Grant Skinner’s EasleJS, as IvanK doesn’t yet support Android or iOS devices.

I had to scale down my JavaScript version to fit my blog’s layout. But if you want to see the demo running at its intended resolution then just click here.