Good news folk! Adobe have announced at Mobile World Congress their plans to bring Adobe AIR to mobile devices, starting with Android and Blackberry handsets. So what does this mean for us Flash developers? Well basically it means we’ll be able to write kick-ass mobile apps and sell them on the Android and Blackberry app stores. Check out the video below to see some content running on the Motorola Droid.

Performance looks really good and should excite Flash developers eager to generate revenue from the mobile ecosystem. Unlike Flash Lite, which is somewhat stunted, AIR apps will run the full Flash 10.1 experience, store data locally on the phone and also allow access to other data including photos. This is another significant step for the Flash platform with developers, in theory, being able to write apps that will run consistently across both web and mobile. Plus with Flash Professional CS5 on the horizon, iPhone apps will also be a possibility.

AIR on Android will be available in the second half of 2010.