Lessons From Long Lost Amiga Game

From an early age, both me and my twin brother always wanted to make our own video game and have it released. It almost actually happened but unfortunately the stars didn’t align for us. In the end the whole experience put us off working together for most of our young adult lives. Here’s our story. […]

Coding Math

When it comes to mathematics I’m really a bit of a dunderheid. Thankfully for coders like me who should really have been paying attention at high school and university, Keith Peters (AKA @bit101) has started an excellent series of video tutorials explaining the maths that you need to understand as a programmer. Personally I think […]

Behaviour Driven Development

My favourite presentation at this years DDD Scotland was Steve Sanderon’s “Getting Started with Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)”. No don’t close your browser! This is gonna be a good post, honest. So what the heck’s Behaviour-Driven Development then? Well funnily enough Steve doesn’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, going as far as stating […]

Writing Software is Easy, Not Going Bust is Hard

If you guys will allow me I think I’ll talk about something other than Flash today. No I’ve not lost my marbles but there are a few other sessions from last weeks Developer! Developer! Developer! event that I’d like to talk about. Both Liam Westley and Steve Sanderson presented sessions that were real eye openers […]