Behaviour Driven Development

My favourite presentation at this years DDD Scotland was Steve Sanderon’s “Getting Started with Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD)”. No don’t close your browser! This is gonna be a good post, honest. So what the heck’s Behaviour-Driven Development then? Well funnily enough Steve doesn’t pretend to be an expert on the subject, going as far as stating […]

Writing Software is Easy, Not Going Bust is Hard

If you guys will allow me I think I’ll talk about something other than Flash today. No I’ve not lost my marbles but there are a few other sessions from last weeks Developer! Developer! Developer! event that I’d like to talk about. Both Liam Westley and Steve Sanderson presented sessions that were real eye openers […]

Developer! Developer! Developer!

Upon arrival at this year’s Developer Developer Developer event I knew I was going into the hornet’s nest. It’s not easy trying to go unnoticed at these things you know, especially when you’re the only Flash developer there amongst a crowd of several hundred soulless dot net geeks. Somehow they can just tell you’re different, […]