Sometimes at WeeWorld we like to break away from the constraints of the WeeMee and focus on other original character concepts. Jeff the Unicorn is one such idea that’s been extremely popular with our users, so we thought we’d try and explore some mobile game concepts featuring him. I’ve spent the past four weeks working on an endless runner mobile game demo starring Jeff.

The demo was written in Objective-C and gave me the ideal opportunity to play around with Apple’s Sprite Kit 2D framework. I must say, I really like Sprite Kit. The API is straightforward, the physics integration feels right, and the performance is pretty damn impressive.

We tried to add something different to the endless runner genre by adding a rainbow slide ability. To win the game you must slide on your butt, smearing Jeff’s rainbow coloured poop along the ground for as long as possible. Before Jeff can initiate a slide, you’ll need to collect enough coins and diamonds that are scattered throughout the level.

The demo is really rough and ready but considering we were doing some really rapid prototyping with limited resources I’m really happy how it turned out. Take a look at the video above to see the game in action. As always, sorry about the really shoddy camera work.

  1. Like that rainbow effect? Did you do that with Particle Designer?

  2. The rainbow effect is actually just a series of sprites packed very closely together.

    Christopher (Author)