I said in my previous post that I’d show off some more levels from my Tomb Jump game demo. So here’s a video of the game’s hardest difficult setting. While I was more than happy with my earlier level designs I thought it would be cool to try and recreate the sense of action and adventure from the movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. Remember it? Where Indy is chased by a huge boulder and also has to negotiate deadly spikes that pop up from the ground?

As well as adding these things I also wanted to lace the level with a few other ideas including doors that would slide shut behind the player, large drops into tighter shafts, sliding platforms, and doors that could only be opened by activating switches. I think it all added up to an exciting and challenging level. Possibly too hard for your average gamer but something I’ll definitely look at if I find the time to re-visit Tomb Jump in the future.