You might remember the excitement at one of the sneak peek sessions at Adobe MAX, where a tool was shown that took Flash content and converted it to HTML5. Well Adobe has just made that tool available on Adobe Labs for anyone wishing to target non-Flash-enabled devices.

Codenamed “Wallaby”, this initial beta version is aimed at those wishing to deploy their Flash-based banner ads to HTML5. It doesn’t yet support ActionScript but Wallaby focusses on converting rich graphical content and timeline animations into HTML for browsers that support the WebKit rendering engine. Importantly that means that your Flash content will run on Apple’s range of iOS devices, which don’t currently support the Flash Player.

So what you waiting for? Give Wallaby a try and give your feedback to the engineers at Adobe.

  1. And there is another option out there – called pixelplant.

    Just drag and drop your Flash file to get it converted to HTML5.