So what can you do with bytes? Lots of things actually, and Thibault Imbert will prove it to you with chapters one and two of his book. Thibault has very kindly decided to make “WCYDWB?” available for free, with each new chapter being released as a PDF as soon as it’s finished.

I remember reading the first chapter a while back, so delighted that Thibault’s found the time to do the next chapter.

The book will cover seven different topics, detailing some very cool things you can do with binary and ActionScript 3. Each of the topics will be covered by a chapter and are listed below:

  • The first bits
  • Everyday bytes
  • Encoders
  • Parsers
  • Low-level networking
  • External devices
  • Emulators

So plenty still to look forward to and I’m sure most people would actually have paid for a book covering such detail. So a huge thanks to Thibault for doing this and can’t wait for the remaining chapters!

You can find more details over at